How to use Whudent

  • Step 1: Log in to
  • Step 2: Go to My Sections.
  • Step 3: Create a New Section (or choose an existing section from the list to modify it)
  • Step 4: Give the section a name (e.g., “First Period”)
  • Step 5: Choose a group size (the minimum number of students in each group) or the group count (the total number of groups). If you choose both, Whudent will use the group size.
  • Step 6: Choose the response max. If you want to have, say, 4 options for your student’s level of understanding (e.g., “I’m confident”, “I’m okay”, “I’m a little confused”, “I’m super confused”), put a 4 in this box.
  • Step 7: List the response tags, separated by pipes (a pipe is the vertical line | that can be entered by pressing shift and the key right above Return). For example, the response tags in the example above would be entered as I’m confident|I’m okay|I’m a little confused|I’m super confused
  • Step 8: Click Update exam to save your entries.
  • Step 9: Share the lookup code with your students
    --wait for student responses--
  • Step 10: From the Section page, click Go to summary to verify that your students’ responses are all appropriate
  • Step 11: Go back to the section page and click Go to groups. This pages shows the heterogeneous groups; show this page to your students. If you don’t like the composition of these groups, simply refresh the page and the groups will be different, but still heterogeneously grouped.
  • Step 12: If you want to collect new responses, go back to the section page and click Empty section. This will delete all of the respondents and create a new code.
  • Comparing Pre/Post: The pre/post comparison feature compares the two most recent responses for each respondent. Ensure that students use the same name (or email address) when responding, and do not empty the section in between the pre and post responses.
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